The Participatory Extension is more than a module that enables participatory simulations. It's an application that incorporates MASS components into one www interface compatible with any of the major web browsers. It enables the users to administrate, run and participate in simulations in a way that they are familiar with, applying the mechanisms and practices they use every day while browsing web-pages and using other web-based applications.
As PET is designed for multiple users; it has a user management system that enables defining various user groups and permission levels thus allowing differentiating between users who can create models, start or just take part in simulations. One of the main goals of PET is to be a reliable and adequate tool in training and education and it incorporates specific features such as questionnaire and other educational material management to do so.
  • WWW interface
  • Simulation recording and playback
  • Participatory and experimental modeling
  • Multiple users and participants


You can download the latest version of PET here.